Choosing Between Internal And External Wall Insulation

Wall InsulationOptions are aplenty when it comes to building design and construction. One of the matters to be dealt with involves wall insulation. For many reasons, it is sometimes necessary to insulate a wall. The decision to do it externally or internally requires a thorough consideration of several factors.

Internal wall insulation is obviously less expensive and easier to complete. It does not have to be completed at a single time. In fact, it can be done one wall after another. It is possible to put the project on halt in case of financial emergencies and the likes, then continued at a latter time without any problems. Ideally, this job must be done prior to the installation of wall fixtures, be it switches and sockets or decorations.

However, this option results to some internal space being lost in the process. While this might not seem like a signficant amount from the point of view of a single wall, it can be a lot once all of the walls have been insulated internally. The whole project can also prove to be a disruption to the daily life of the residents, unless it is done prior to anyone’s occupancy. The wall’s heat storage value is also diminished, so the heat leaves fast.

External wall insulation, on the other hand, is overall more beneficial. Noise insulation is more efficient while the thermall mass value of the walls are more preserved. There is also no chance of internal condensation and the resulting dampness. Insulation can be maximized as per one’s requirement simply by adjusting the thickness of the insulating layer. It can be applied even in the presence of occupants as it does not disturb them. Thermal bridges like exposed window sillls as well as detailings on doors and windows are more easily managed.

The insulation is added on the outside though, so it must be weatherproof. It is essential for the external cladding to be of the top quality. Hence, this option is quite costly.

Because of the specific requirements, it should not be hard to decide between these two. Both choices though come with their advantages and limitations. Determining the need and expected function for the insulation should be done first as it helps outline the different considerations that must be noted. This ensures that one ends up with the best option. After all, it is not always just about the money involved. The value of the output is of greatest importance.